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So I Thought It was a Good Idea for a Puppy…

So it was just before Christmas. My son had always wanted a dog. I had always wanted a dog. I love animals! I love my cats and I’ve always wanted to add to that animal family membership. But a dog? That’s a lot of work. That’s more than we can handle. Right?

We moved into a lovely home with a fenced in yard and those dreams of a dog didn’t seem so far away. It seemed like a good idea actually and the perfect timing. But was it really the right idea? Our schedules are already so crazy. Was a dog really a good addition?

Well, we took the dive. We are now proud dog owners! We are dog parents to Titan Paws McMaster. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. At 4 months old, he is a dream. We are so lucky to be his dog parents because he is so well behaved! Our boy is shy though so we look forward to introducing him to other pups.

It’s been a journey so far so I will be sharing much more puppy tales soon! ❤

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