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Self Care is an Everyday Necessity.

I started taking my self care seriously a few years ago. I instituted Self Care Wednesdays and would do things that filled my soul and replenished my body. Well times have changed and I don’t have the luxury to devote a day to that anymore. But that has helped me to realize self care is not just a once a week kind of thing – it’s an everyday necessity.

So with my new Simplified planner, I map out my weeks to include everything that I need to do – including what I need to do for myself. There are always things that we have to do every day – get my kid to school, work hard at my job, cook dinner, shower 🙂 But there is a need to include what you need to do for you too.

Every morning I do my devotional and also my gratitude journal. This helps me to get my mind right for the rest of the day. I review my planner and budget and get running on the day. Bus stop, breakfast, cat & dog stuff, work. I try to get a workout in too so I can keep up with my little dude. It’s all about effort!

I review my budget and planner again in the evening. This is how I stay on track and in line. I tidy up, get any laundry done, get dinner done. I also try to get all of the days messages and emails answered, usually after bedtime. It has taken me months to get back here – to this routine – but its been worth the journey back.

I am far from perfect. I don’t always live my days like this. But making a plan and striving to achieve is all I can do. I know you can do that too. We need to encourage each other to take care of ourselves so we can live long, healthy lives, helping people along the way. Check out my Instagram for more inspiration!


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