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Enjoy ‘it’ while it lasts.

I’ve been saying to my son lately not to rush through life. He keeps saying he can’t wait until he’s ten and I remember being anxious to grow up when I was his age. I still tend to rush through one thing and onto the next. Especially seasons! When it was winter, “I can’t wait til it’s spring” and when it was spring, “I can’t wait til it’s summer.” And so on and so forth. Typical.

As we savor these last few days of summer before school starts, I look back and cannot believe how quickly time has flown. I even now simultaneously want fall to come and summer to never end. I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself, someone who always tells everyone else, to live in the moment! To enjoy these moments while they last. It can be hard in our culture & society.

So I’ve started to take my journaling and goal planning more seriously and really make notes of memories and the efforts I take to make them. I am a planner by nature so that part is easy but the slowing down and allowing the moments to happen, that slow down doesn’t come easy to me. I do love to document things though so that’s been easy as well. For most of us, life is truly too good not to enjoy it.

So this is a charge to everyone! As you sit down and make your plans, leave room for memories and don’t rush the making of them. Don’t rush through this season of life or season of weather but slow down, take a breathe, and take it all in. Life is too good not to enjoy it. We are too lucky to not enjoy the memories. Enjoy these moments while they last.

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