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#themarinalife: June Edition

It’s official. We’re living the marina life! I’ve always been lucky to be around boating since I’ve lived in this area my whole life. But I’ve never owned a boat. I’ve gone boating but I’ve never had any responsibility except to enjoy myself. So when we bought our boat in October, I was excited but anxious! There are so many things I didn’t know and didn’t know needed attention. But Maryland in October is beautiful and it was really amazing to journey into boat ownership in the cool Autumn air.

Winter was rough. Working our girl was tedious and even now there’s still more to do. But I remember how vibrant the marina was when we first visited it back in August and I was excited for the boating season ahead. When Spring came around, everything started to come alive. At Herrington Harbour North, they really put the emphasis on creating a true lifestyle environment. It has been really easy to get into boat life with such a great marina like this.

To start, they have everything! Their office is open everyday and there’s 17 service providers on site. There’s even a West Marine! If there’s something you need to get done for your boat, you can get it done here. And the amenities are remarkable! From wifi and to lounges, a restaurant to resort class pool and bar, a dog park to walking paths, grills and fire pits to kayaks and paddle boards, even a gym and a playground, there’s just so much to do. And one of my favorite perks has been the slipholder events.

We have been lucky to meet so many great people and fellow boaters because of these events. They have family friendly outdoor movies and various themed parties like the the Kentucky Derby Social, Music on the Lawn, Gourmet in the Galley, and 80s Night. There’s even a recurring pop up shop and Food Truck Friday. We’ve been able to invite people over to our boat and vice versa. It’s been great to see the variety of boats that exist and people’s preference for power versus sail.

As I start to reflect through the first half of July, I can’t wait to share the fun times we’ve been having, the great people we’ve been meeting, and all the things we’ve learned along the way.

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