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#themarinalife: July Part 1

I cannot believe we’re halfway through July! I’ve been living my best life and I don’t want Summer to ever end. I love July because it’s truly Summer. You’re immediately thrown into a holiday week and I love Independence Day! I’m so grateful for this great nation that we get to live in and all the freedoms that come with it. And being at a marina during such a festive holiday was amazing! My son and I took at trial run down to Herrington Harbour South before the festivities began to scope out the scene.

Herrington Harbour South is the sister marina to ours. It’s a short boat ride or car ride away and has tons of amenities as well. Immediately when you arrive, you’re taken back by the beauty of the pool, the beach, and the sea of vessels. We quickly ran into people from both marinas and had a blast. I think we were there for a full 8 hours. We came back the next day for the same amount of time but this time we got to enjoy a fireworks display of epic proportions from our friend’s boat.

Needless to say, I think I’m in love with summer at the marina. There’s so much to do and enjoy. There are even lawn games at the pool! And my son is having his best summer ever. Even though boat life is hard work, it’s totally worth it. One of our fellow boater friends said there’s five hours of work for every one hour of fun. That might be true, but man is that hour of fun worth it.

After 4th of July week, it was back to work. I find myself living for the weekends here. The marina threw a Red Carpet Party that was absolutely stunning. Great food, signature drinks, phenomenal DJ, and a photo booth set on a red carpet! I did my best Posh Spice but I really couldn’t stop smiling and had the most fun time. These events are so great at bringing all of us out to enjoy each other and make memories that forge friendships.

Now I’m looking forward to the rest of July. I know there’s some hard work ahead but there’s no shortage of fun around here.

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