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Favorites: Consignment

It’s the last day of May. And I’m so ready for June, and Summer! For me, that means there’s some shopping to do. So let’s do another round of favorites! I love consignment shopping. It’s a great way to get designer clothes and accessories. While most of my favorites are located in the DC area, they do have online boutiques so feel free to check them out on Instagram.

  1. Ella-Rue. Literally one of my favorite stores on the planet, it is beaming with quality goods at great prices. The staff there is phenomenal and I always find what I need and of course more of what I want. From jewelry and purses to clothing and shoes, it is a one stop shop for luxury designer goods. And they have sales!
  2. Mint Condition. A favorite from my old stomping grounds, this store is just perfect. It has a mix of designers and lots of great accessories. And everything they have is in great condition. They also have some amazing sales and the ladies are beyond helpful. It’s the perfect after brunch stop.
  3. Current Boutique. One of the best things about this shop is that they have quite a few locations so if you’re looking for something, they will help you find it! With a large selection and lots of incoming merchandise, it’s a great place to find just what you need for any occasion.

BONUS: Annapolis online consignment boutique thred.well! I’m obsessed! The owner curates such a great, classic array of items that you keep coming back and checking for what’s new! It makes scrolling through Instagram hard though because once I see the amazing new items she has, I’m calculating how many things I can get! 🙂

So for those of you who are weary about consignment shopping, these are some great places to start. They have such great items, curated well, most things hardly worn by at a fraction of the price. If you spot me on the street, I’m probably wearing at least one thing I got on consignment. It’s a great way to get nice, expensive pieces without breaking the bank. Like the kids say, ‘ball on a budget!’

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