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Tilework makes the dream work.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved interior design. Whether it was my Barbie’s makeshift dream house or my own teen bedroom, I was obsessed with reorganizing and making the rooms most efficient. I was always redoing rooms! And as soon as I could with my own, I was moving furniture and drawing artwork and rearranging to make the space work better. So, it’s been a lifelong passion for me.

So about a year ago, I started this, Coffee and Pearls, Design and Lifestyle, with the purpose of sharing that lifelong love with others and helping them create the life and space they want by making a place for memories, not mess. It has been such a rewarding time and I cannot wait for what comes next. But one of the most fun and unexpected ways I’ve had fun this year was with tile.

I don’t ever think I’ve thought much about tile. I love classic pieces and design. I love a good subway tile. But once I started studying interior design, I realized what a big impact it can make. It changes a whole room. It defines the room’s style. It brings the room together. Being picky and specific with tile will yield amazing, detailed results. So now, I’m in a love affair with tile of all kinds, size, and shape!

Soon I will launch my portfolio and you will see some of the fun I’ve had with tile over the last year. You will be able to see the dramatic effect it has on a room and hopefully it will inspire you to change up what you have, see where it can go, and adorn your room.

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