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I love routine!

I am so lucky. I’ve always loved routine. I’ve always loved structure. I create structure anywhere I go. I create structure amidst chaos. And with a kid, routine is paramount. Routine creates margin. When you are selective with your routine, life flourishes. It’s not an easy thing to do but it is so incredibly worth it.

In reflection, I’ve even noticed that I’ve created structure when looking to service my own agenda. Thank God for breaking in, allowing His grace to work in my life, and pushing me to serve Him and His people above all. People often ask me how I create margin in my life as well as my son’s. It’s intentional, hard work!

In previous blog posts, I revealed my journey to simplify my life and to make room for what matters most. Without a shadow of a doubt, making memories with my son and loved ones is above anything else. But it all takes work; you have to commit to it and know that even when it gets tough, you are not only serving your loved ones but also a higher power, God.

So as #MDW2019 approaches, think about how you can establish routine or, at the very least, margin in your family life. You need time to recharge but you also need time to reconnect as a family. Cherish any and all of that time because it is fleeting.

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