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Favorites: Shoes

There are so many accessories that I love. But shoes, they are a special category in and of themselves. I love all kinds of shoes. I love going to Target and finding my favorite style on sale. But I also love hunting for the coveted shoe at an incredible price. The shoe is the item that pulls the outfit together.

Sharing my favorite things has always been a passion of mine. I want my friends to have the same joy I have in getting an item that not only serves its purpose but lasts long enough to enjoy it and pass it along. I have found that with these few pairs of my favorite shoes. I imagine as I journey along, this list will evolve and I can’t wait to share that then!

“These are a few of my favorite things…”

  1. Christian Louboutins – Italian leather. There is nothing like it! These shoes immediately make you feel more polished and the red bottoms are a statement. But when your Loubs really form to your feet, they can be the most comfortable pair of heels you’ve ever worn. And they perfectly accentuate every feminine feature. Love!
  2. Manolo Blahniks – Another Italian leather wonder. Another pair of classic, staple shoes. As soon as you put them on, you feel more put together and more elegant. The lines on the shoe make your foot look more refined and I always can’t wait until the next time I get to wear them.
  3. Jack Rogers – My all time favorite casual wear summer shoe. Better than a flip flop but just as comfortable. Every time the sun comes out, I can’t wait to jump into a pair of Jacks. And the customization doesn’t bother this fashion girl either. Can’t wait for my next monogrammed pair.
  4. Sperrys – My all time favorite year round shoe. Living in Annapolis has definitely rubbed off on me. I have always been a preppy girl and I’ve also loved Sperrys but when you live in Annapolis, it takes on another form. It is a way of life. Living in your Sperrys is a thing and it tells a story itself. And man are they comfortable!
  5. Nikes – I work at a gym. Sneakers are a necessity. After high school, I didn’t care anymore what I put on my feet. But then I realized that I needed to take care of these babies because they allowed comfort and guidance to my whole body. So I went back to my true foot love, Nike sneakers. 🙂

I could keep going on and on but these 5 brands have served my feet well. Combine that with their resale value, you will not be sorry investing in to a pair of these shoes. But I can also be honest. Everyday life is hard and shoes sometimes do not fare well. That is why Target will be and always has been my first shoe love. ❤

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