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Favorite Activities for a Day Off with my Little.

Lately, I’ve been given a nudge to fight for the margin I have created in my life. Over the last few years, I’ve been on a journey to simplify my life and make time for what matters the most. So many things in my life have been pulling at me but I’ve tried to maintain my schedule in a way that allows me margin.

One of those things is making time with my son a priority. Time outside of getting him ready for school in the morning or recapping our days at dinner each night. And by making that time, our relationship has blossomed, we have trust and common interests, and I look forward to every moment we spend making memories together!

A few of my favorite kiddo pastimes for the Summer days ahead:

  1. A Good Walk Ending at a Playground. My son loves to take a stroll and take in nature, whether via feet or scooter. The best conversations come from it! And then he gets to run it out on the playground. And come back exhausted 🙂
  2. Fast Food Picnics. We hit up Chick Fil A and find a spot near the water and have our own picnic. No making lunch for mom AND we get to take in the sights. Sometimes we’ll even go watch airplanes takeoff and land while indulging ourselves.
  3. Cloud Chasing & Star Gazing. I love to gather up a blanket and some toys and hang out outside, watching the clouds go by and guessing what they are. I also love doing that at night and using our StarView app to find different constellations.
  4. Outdoor Lounging. We sit outside with books in hand and muse on how lucky we are. It is such a privilege to have an opportunity to teach my son gratitude. God makes it easy with such a backdrop as nature or the kindness of a stranger.
  5. Lego Building Competitions. My son is an epic city builder. This year he has really gotten into Legos. He builds and I build and we wax poetic on how amazing architecture is. I feel lucky to expand our minds with such imagination.

So as Summer comes, get outside and make margin to spend time with those you love. It is the best time well spent and it allows growth to come through in your life.

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