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“April Showers Bring May Flowers.”

I always look at the start of a new month as a wave of new opportunities. And I have always loved April because I really love the idea of Spring and that lots of sun and rain can yield such great life. I feel that way in my personal life too. That cultivating my life in such an intentional way can yield such great fruit. That’s why two of my greatest inspirations are Emily Ley and Lara Casey. Two women after my own heart! Intentionality! Progress over perfection!

So this April, I wanted to run a promotion that really helps other women who are busy like me create spaces that are beautiful yet functional in their homes. And I wanted it to be attainable by using local retailers like Home Goods, Target, and Ethan Allen. It also has to align with my goal, of creating those beautiful, functional spaces by minimizing mess and maximizing moments. Simplifying and refining my life has done me such good and I only hope that for every person I interact with. I can’t wait to work with more people and see where this organized life takes them. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks from me this Spring!

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