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Embrace the Season You’re In.

It’s easier said than done. I know because I’m coming out of a season that I didn’t want to be in, never thought I’d be in, and never thought would end. But now I look back and it made me stronger, taught me more than I thought possible, and I’m a better human for going through it. So when I said embrace it, I mean it; embrace that season you’re in because the fruit of that season will be great. You may not see it now but it will be.

So how did I come to the place where I was embracing something I wanted desperately to end? Well, I had faith that it would end and backed that up with action towards change and added some counsel while in it. I went to therapy and talked to people of wisdom. I also improved every aspect of my life that I had control over. Moreover, I realized the only thing I could control was myself and my actions.

Practical steps to embracing a season, whether it’s a pleasant one or a difficult one? Come up with a battle plan. In a particularly good season, come up with routines and schedules that cultivate that good season and make it grow into something that benefits you. In those tough seasons, identify the reason it’s rough and map out where you can go from there. There’s joy in small victories.

In both situations, you are taking control. In one, you’re on the offensive, setting yourself up for harvest, and in the other, you’re on the defensive, desperately trying to plant seeds and get above the surface. In both circumstances, it starts with hope. Hope will take your farther than you can imagine. Hope inspire dreams. Dreams lead you to places you never thought you could go.

In my rough season, I did everything I could to improve my son’s life and my own. In this new season, I’m reorganizing and looking forward to the future. I’m embracing routines and schedules and planning for the future as well as the next drought. See, life ebbs and flows. It will not always be good. It will not always be bad. But it will always be, until it’s not.

So I have learned to embrace it however it comes because, man, we are all lucky to be alive. And don’t get me started on how lucky most of us (especially if you’re reading this) are. We are privileged. Each season has a lesson, if you’re willing to accept it and learn from it. And the lesson is filled with seeds and blossoms that will propel us forward. So this year, let’s embrace our seasons!


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