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Your Schedule is Your Friend.

For a long time, my schedule ran me. I had to be at so many different places at so many different times with many different things. And the type of person I am, of course I loved being scheduled. But it was beginning to seem like I wasn’t scheduling my life but my schedule was dictating my life. And as I talked about in my previous post, I wasn’t taking care of myself either. Couple that with an unruly schedule, I was running myself ragged. Something had to change.

I realized I didn’t have to say yes to everything and it was ok to say no. Good thing I learned that because I was about to come across a storm years in the brewing and years in duration. Saying no turned out to be a way of survival. It hurt me to say no to people and things I knew were good but I had to to save myself and to save some energy for the battle that was ahead of me. I grew away from some people and others realized that it was a season of my life that I needed to figure out how to navigate. Now, coming out on the other side, I am so grateful for their love, support, and encouragement when it was so dark in my life. Thank y’all. ❤

My point here is make your schedule work for you. Give yourself time in the morning to gather yourself, meditate, and study The Word. It will change the course of your day. Don’t over-schedule. Say no to things. It’s ok. Love your loved ones more than you follow your schedule. Do your job as if you’re working for the Lord. Serve people as if you’re serving the Lord. Choose things that fit in your schedule but allow you to love your life and your people well.

My schedule is as such most days: wake, bible study/meditation, breakfast with my son and cats, get ready for school & work, bus stop, work, lunch (a real lunch!), errands, more work, self care, bus stop, dinner, books, sight words, & quality time with my son, bedtime, quality time with my boo, and bed at a reasonable time. I schedule in lunches with friends, charity events, bible study, church on the weekends, various meetings, client days, happy hours, dinners, and much more. But I make it work with that core schedule. And it has allowed me to truly enjoy what I do and time with those who I love. I’m always going to be a work in progress but it feels good to have gotten to this place.

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