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Self Care Wednesdays!

Today, I’m writing about something that has become so important to me: self care. For so long, I put myself last. I was always picking up the pieces and being there for everyone else, which wasn’t all that bad. I really enjoyed being there for others and being a peacemaker of some sorts in many situations but I just was not allowing myself time for myself. I was working too hard, packing my schedule, and not slowing down. I was getting everything done but at the expense of my well being.

One day, my mom could just tell that I was overdoing it and reminded me that at the end of the day, my son needs his mom and needs her to be taking care of myself. I mean, talk about words of wisdom speaking into your life. At the time, I wasn’t even taking the time to get to my own doctor’s appointments. I was just making sure everyone else was taken care of and that I was there for everything. Man, did it crash and burn. But it was so good because I finally started taking care of me.

So a few months ago, I started doing Self Care Wednesdays. I take off from job #1, get work done for jobs #2 and #3, and then enjoy some bible study, get my hair and nails done, and eat a full lunch (which is something I’ve implemented everyday because before I was having a bite here or a bite there during the day and overeating at dinner to compensate). I fit in some special exercise too, like a yoga class or something with high intensity. And even make it to doctors’ appointments! It has really made the world of difference.

So my charge to you today is to take that time once a week to take care of you. It’s important because I’ve come to realize that that’s the only way to really be there for the ones you love. If you are taking your best care of you, you can take your best care of them. You will present yourself in the best way you can for them and perform beyond belief because you have rested and taken full care of yourself and can be all in when they need it. ❀

7 thoughts on “Self Care Wednesdays!”

    1. I’ve really tried! It’s a constant work in progress because I always think I should be doing something else but it is important! It makes it a lot easier to set aside one day a week! 😊


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