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My Minimalist Life, Part II

I’ve been on this journey for a while now to simplify my life. It has been quite the path, with paring down in all things-schedule, relationships, wardrobe. It has given me quite peace though. My schedule is *almost* right where I want it. I’m maximizing my time and time with my son, my fiancé, and other loved ones. I’m spending enough time in church and in study of Jesus. I’m getting a grasp on where I want to head with my business but it has been hard. But it truly has been worth it.

In our society, less is not more. People wonder what is wrong with you when you are not following the average consumeristic view and buying more and doing more but I’ve learned that for myself I am more happy and find more joy when I have less. When it was time to get rid of my expensive car, I chose a less expensive, but just as fabulous, car. When it was time to move, my fiancé and I embraced a gift from a family member and we are embarking on a tiny home journey in the form of a yacht. And then I got rid of most of my schedule and most of my clothes (there are some lucky girls in the Annapolis area wearing some of my previous wears). Again, hard but worth it.

And, honestly, I look back and I’m grateful. To the women who can do it all, have the big house, and the fancy car, and all of that, good for you! Do you, boo! You go, girl! I cannot do it. I tried. I didn’t have the right formula. I didn’t have the support or wherewithal. But by pairing it down and reevaluating my life, I have found the way that works the best for me and for my family. I have found peace in purging all the vestiges of my past and moving forward with an intentional way of life.

Who knows, ten years from now, I may go right back to all of it. But I hope I do so intentionally and I hope I do so in a way where I am still valuing everything and not taking too much stock in it all. I hope I am still giving and serving to others. I hope I am valuing time over things and cherishing making memories with my loved ones. After all, my entire purpose of doing any of this simplifying of my life is to be less stressed and have less anxiety so I can give more and spend more time with those who matter.

I wish the same for you. ❤

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