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My Minimalist Life

So there’s this trend going around called minimalism. I like it! I like the premise. But it’s funny because it was here long before it was a trend. It’s a concept about only having what you need in life. It’s a concept that is often lost to us consumers, myself included. So today I share a little insight into my journey into minimalism.

I’ve always loved to pair down. I love to get rid of things. If I’m not using it, I don’t need it. Someone else needs it! I thank my parents for that. They instilled so much of that in me: I don’t need much but other people need what I have. It helps you to have a different perspective on what you need vs. what you have.

I recently went through a difficult time, where I had to move my stuff around even though the other person in the situation should have and had promised to be the person to do the said moving. It was rough and demoralizing, even for this optimist over here. I asked myself often what I’d gotten myself into. But I knew for a fact that my life had to change and I deserved a better quality of life, even though it would be different. Going through that process, I had to eliminate anything extraneous from my life, from friends to shoes. Even my purses. And clothes! Oh the agony!

Through such a strenuous process, I learned so much: I can be high maintenance, I do like nice things, especially when I work for it, and I love fashion. But I don’t need ALL of it. And I can achieve a satisfactory level, even an above satisfactory level with much less. So now I find myself with much less stuff, not afraid or relying on things to fill my life.

Step one: evaluate what you need to survive-secure that. Step two: add in comfort pieces. Step three: add in things that contribute to making you you. Step four: stop there and be fulfilled in your chosen, cultivated life!

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