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Review: Historic Inns of Annapolis

We have been really lucky lately. My little man went to Ohio to see his grandma, which allowed us to go to Miami to enjoy much needed R&R. Once we got back home, schedules, work, and stressed piled right back on. In the middle of that, and with some promising prospects ahead, we were able to take a respite from it all, in my town of Annapolis.

Annapolis is this glorious sailing town with views for days. I had always loved this town as a kid but when I first moved here as an adult, I was pleasantly surprised by its versatility. It is a town full of activity and intrigue from ghost towns to award winning restaurants, Annapolis is a hard town to get over. So I find my staycation here.

I’ve always admired the Historic Inns of Annapolis. It’s a collection of hotels housed in historic buildings with beautiful accouterments in the middle of this picturesque town. Armed with a blog, I now get to blog about our second stay in this pretty town I call home.

Immediately the immense details struck me. I was in awe with the grand entry way and meet cute worthy seating area, topped off with basketweave flooring and custom carpets.

The room itself was just as cute, with Annapolis-centric art, more beautiful carpet and flooring, comfortable bedding and lighting, blackout drapes (this mom says yay!), and a completely luxurious bathroom. I didn’t want to leave!


Even their room numbers were presh (aka precious), I did not want to leave. But as soon as the night came, the morning rose and it was time to return to reality: kid, work, relationships, stress, future building, and the impending school year. Moral of the story: take the moments that you can! They count in the end. 🙂

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