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Party Favorites: Fourth of July Edition

Let’s face it: I just love celebrating anything especially when I can be surrounded by family and friends! Having the right supplies goes a long way. As the Fourth of July approaches, I’m starting to gather all of my supplies to celebrate America’s birthday and be a good host to my crew. So, below I’m sharing my top five supplies any good hostess should have on hand, whether for a holiday, dinner party, or just having people over!

  1. Serving Tray. Party City and I have a love affair. I’m not really allowed to go there myself anymore because of it. But I’ve gotten some seriously awesome themed supplies there including serving trays, platters, bowls, and much more. All coordinating, easy to clean, and cheap so I don’t ever worry if they get messed up!
  2. Plates, Napkins, Cups, and Utensils. Having matching eating supplies easily makes any get together look more festive. Luckily there are so many options for everything now; from reusable to recyclable, I recommend stocking up so when the time comes, you’re already covered!
  3. Decor. You can be pretty basic here or go all out. Either way, adding some flowers, balloons, or streamers, if the occasion calls for it, just punches up everything so your guests feel a little extra special in your space.
  4. Food. SO IMPORTANT! People will talk about good food for the ages. If you don’t have time for the rest, concentrate on the food. Have a few speciality dishes that will have your guests coming back for seconds and thirds and asking for recipes!
  5. Drinks. Another thing that’s important to focus on. Making a signature drink or a great bowl of punch will have your guests feeling refreshed and special, which is exactly how you want them to leave your gathering.
  6. BONUS: For Fourth of July, I have themed hats, glasses, and flags just to add an element of fun to the mix. It’s easy to add something for any occasion. Don’t be afraid to be silly and get creative!

I hope these tips are both helpful and inspiring. Happy Fourth!

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