Design Favorites: Wayfair

One of my favorite home websites has always been Wayfair. It is the perfect one-stop shop for all things home, and affordable to boot. And I always get their commercial stuck in my head! But they are right: they have just what you need. After using them so much, I decided to partner with them and this week, I’m sharing some of my recent favorites!

  1. The Avey End Table. This table has the optimal style – it is versatile in every way, both modern with its metal frame and classic with its dark wood body. Use it in your living room or bedroom as the perfect accent table.
  2. The Langley Street Whiteabbey Armchair. I love these chairs. Mid century modern, lightweight, and easy to clean. Great for adding a pinch of style to any room.
  3. Wayfair Basics. Featuring all the necessities you need for your home, from chic kitchen storage to cozy bath towels, Wayfair Basics is where it’s at! And with free shipping on all orders over $49, they make stocking up on those needs easy.
  4. Artwork. I’m loving the range of artwork that they have available. This canvas cityscape of New York City is one of my favorites because not only is it pretty but it’s also a canvas wrapped photo so no need to frame it, it’s ready to go!
  5. Retro Accents. I can’t get enough of any accent that can bring a little bit of the past into the present. There’s so much good inspiration and style we can take and mix into different spaces to make them unique and retro styles are one of them.

Need help curating a room? Head to the contact page so we can get started transforming your space and enjoy discounts exclusively by working with me!

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