Take Care of Yourself

Today as I was desperately trying to catch up with and maintain everything going on in both my life and my kid’s life, I had an epiphany of sorts. A jolt to bring me back to what I’ve been striving to do: simplify my life in such a way that I’m not only doing what I love and but also not missing out on time with who I love. But in order to show up for those people and do what I am called to do, I have to take care of myself. To be the best version of me, I have to take care of me. If you are not full, how are you going to be able to take care of those around you? So that means taking time for yourself. Here are five things you can implement right now!

  1. Wake Up Early. I’ve already talked at length about that so go check it out! It really helps you to start your day off one step ahead. Take a long shower. Do your nails. Use the time before the whole house wakes up for yourself.
  2. Create functional spaces for you and yours. Whether it’s a more organized family room to enhance your together time and reduce clean up time or a laundry room system that will finally control the clothes chaos in your home, do it now! Need help with that? It’s kind of a gift of mine! 🙂 And don’t worry – I’ll be sure to feature some tips on the blog!
  3. Eat right. I really do believe that your body is your temple and what you put into it is really important. I also believe in donuts. Everything in moderation! It’s ok to have a cheat day but it’s important to stick to a balanced diet that works for your body type and needs.
  4. Exercise. Whether it’s walking your dog consistently every day or finally taking that class you’ve heard about at the gym, get moving! The best thing I did was join an active gym (with childcare-what a godsend!) so even though I’m not always feeling motivated, I’m surrounded by people who are moving forward. Having a workout buddy is even better!
  5. Center yourself. Start your day and end it with a little quiet time. While I respect everyone’s beliefs, I am a Christian so I start my day with prayers to God, talk to Him throughout the day, and end the day with lots of gratitude. Whatever you believe in, starting and ending your day with an outlet for your thoughts (even if it’s just in a journal or a good talk with a friend) and sprinkling in a little bit of gratitude will go a long way! Mediation is also amazing!
  6. BONUS: go out with your significant other, your friends, and/or even the whole fam! Schedule some time to enjoy yourself and create memories, in a stress-free and relaxing environment so you can recharge for whatever challenges may come.

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