The Benefits of Waking Up Early

When I was younger, I was both a morning person and a night person. I could sprout right up in the morning with little sleep the night before. Years later, especially after having a kid, I find myself getting tired early and being slow to wake up. The struggle is real, y’all.

What I’ve found is that I should give into what my body is telling me. I should get to bed early and wake up early. Easier said than done though, right? But when I give into it and set myself up to actually do those two things, I wake up feeling refreshed and way better equipped to face the day.

There are some quick tips that I use to encourage a healthy sleeping pattern. Eat dinner early – that way you give your body time to digest. Drink water – it helps you feel a little less weighed down. And no eating or drinking for at least an hour before your bedtime. Also, reviewing your schedule for the next day helps get any extra things off your mind. And always set your clothes and necessities out for the day ahead. When you’re ready to sleep, turn off the lights and any electronics. Let your body rest!

Some things to make your day easier? Make sure you are waking up before your kids and/or the rest of your house gets up. It just helps you to collect yourself before the day truly begins. Make yourself some coffee or tea (or lemon water) and take some time for yourself; whether meditation, yoga, journaling or bible study, it truly helps to set you off on the right foot. Then when the house erupts, you’ve got your chill and can enjoy it – chaos and all. Find joy in the little moments from eating breakfast to loading in the car.

I know there are just seasons in life when this is just not easy or feasible but the effort you put in will give you rest. Rest will equip you to tackle your days. And an equipped day is less stress, worry, and anxiety in the long run. Preparing your body prepares you for whatever is to come. Take care of you!

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