Blogs I Love: The Chic Site

After reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, I was fascinated by her honesty and authenticity. It was inspiring to see a woman embrace her trials, grow from them, and push to motivate others to not only do the same but to also become the best version of themselves despite their current tribulations and believed falsehoods. I was encouraged by how she approached the lies we believe about ourselves and gave practical steps to overcome them and thrive.

Naturally, I began following Rachel on Instagram and stumbled upon her website, The Chic Site. There are tons of inspirational posts on there about everything from work, relationships, and parenting to fashion, travel, and cocktails. There are so many things I want to do or make or indulge in from the site like the summer reading list she details in her recent post, Best Summer Beach Reads.

One post that really stood out to me this week was The 7 Elements of a GREAT Relationship. She speaks candidly about her marriage and the things that really make it work like friendship, core values, and intentionality. I love the emphasis on supporting each other as individuals and how strong couples can be when functioning well together. Make sure to read more about Rachel on her site and grab a copy of Girl, Wash Your Face! And I’ll be sure to write a review for it here on Coffee and Pearls.



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