Blogs I Love: Simplified

I gravitate toward others who are seeking betterment and a more fulfilled life. It’s what I really want when I think about it: to live a life that is so optimal that I can more enjoy more of what matters most – honoring God, spending time with my son, growing a life with my love, nurturing relationships with my friends & family, serving others, and creating meaningful and beautiful memories. That’s why I am so enamored by Emily Ley and her mantra of living a simplified life.

After reading Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life, I was determined to declutter my life, in all areas. I deleted all unnecessary apps from my phone, silenced unnecessary alerts, organized everything I could, and unsubscribed to more emails than I could’ve imagined I signed up for. I got rid of clothes, shoes, accessories, stationary, office supplies, toys; I scaled back my spending and optimized paying bills and saving. I even started examining my own behaviors and relationships.

Slowly but surely, I have been living a more fulfilled life. Even though life will always have struggles and I will fail, I know that my purpose is greater than my stumbling. I can get back up again and trust that there is a plan for my life – I just have to keep moving forward. Staying focused takes a lot of work but luckily, there are quite a few wonderful, inspirational people out there, like Emily, so check out the Simplified┬áblog! One of my favorite things is the Weekly Top Ten, which reviews things that brought Emily and the team at Simplified joy over the past week.

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