Blogs I Love: Cultivate What Matters

I recently have been keeping up with quite a few blogs in an effort to sustain my motivation to stay simplified and focused on living an intentional life. After reading Make It Happen by Lara Casey,  I came across her company and their blog, Cultivate What Matters, which encourages goal setting, being in community, and seeking purpose.

A few days ago, they posted about a topic close to my heart: social media. I love social media for connecting with and staying in contact with family and friends. I love sharing photos of my kid and animals for them to see. I don’t love how much time can be wasted on it and I don’t love when it becomes a comparison tool. Comparison is the thief of joy and unfortunately social media is a breeding ground for it.

So in their recent post, Cultivate What Matters shared 46 Things to Do Instead of Scrolling Social Media.  There were many things that you could do ranging from helping you to live more intentionally (and with less distractions) to spending more time with loved ones. Over the last year, I have learned how important self care and recharging are and how destructive it can be when you don’t do enough for yourself. To be all you can be for your kid, family, friends, etc., you have to nourish yourself.

A few of my favorite ideas from their list were plan a coffee date with a friend, write a thank you note, volunteer your time, choose ten pieces of clothing to donate, make a sweet treat for your neighbor, do a puzzle with your child, and start a gratitude journal. Aren’t these activities so much more fulfilling than keeping up with yet another post about some awesome trip a celebrity is on? One of my favorite tips I have received over the last couple months is to pair down who I follow on social media and what emails I subscribe to, and it has brought me so much less stress and so much more joy.

Read the Cultivate What Matters post and try a few of these things instead of browsing social media this week!

Update: Thinking about going to the Making Things Happen conference in September in order to jumpstart goal setting for 2019, keep me motivated and goal-oriented, and gather with other like-minded people! Check it out here.

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