Welcome to Coffee and Pearls

I have thought about starting my own business for a while now. I always loved working and contributing to a team but I also wanted something that I had full creative control over. After quitting my corporate job to stay home with Tim, I wanted to show my son that I am a strong mom that can take care of him and pursue my dreams.

I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to work with an interior designer, one who is a mom like me and who has built her business up from scratch. She is now flourishing in all ways possible and I could not be more proud. I cannot wait to see where her dreams will take her next. (Can you tell I highly admire her? I hope to work with her forever!)

Over the years of working with her, my desire to start my own business continued to grow. I was encouraged by her tenacity and started to see what my business would look like. Here I am, in 2018, establishing my business and I’m so excited!

My goal for this design and lifestyle brand is to make people’s lives joyful through practical design. I hope also to share some of my tips, tricks, trials, and triumphs that help others feel encouraged and connected. I can’t wait to engage more with you!

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